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Training Promo & Value Packs

Practi-Oral Med Pack 10™ (for training)

Catalog Number : SP-610


"NEWLY REDUCED PRICE! Wallcur’s new Practi-Oral Med Pack 10™, for clinical training, offers Practi-Amoxi™, Practi-Colaz™, Practi-Perco™, Practi-Persan™, Practi-Prilo™, Practi-Relaf™, Practi-Rest™, Practi-Tegretal™, Practi-Val™, and Practi-Wellb™, at a reduced price! Use the Practi-Promo Pack to provide your students with safe, high quality simulation for standard oral medication administration practice. Each Practi-Oral Med Pack 10 contains fifty unit doses of each of the ten labeled tablets and capsules we call Practi-Oral Meds™. All Practi-Meds have a Practi-Name™ which has been carefully chosen to closely simulate the Trade named drug it represents. Hands-on Practice with Practi-Meds Teach the Essential Skills: Reading drug labels Calculating normal dosages and determining drug actions and side effects Opening and pouring meds from a variety of unit dosage packaging Breaking scored tablets Reconstituting powdered medication Asepsis while preparing, pouring, and administration Practicing the Six Rights of administration Order today and start practicing in your skills lab with the most up to date time tested oral med practice available! BUY IN BULK AND SAVE! Pack of 10 boxes (500 Practi-Oral Meds.) Valued at $149.50, now $74.95. NOT FOR HUMAN OR ANIMAL USE. FOR TRAINING PURPOSES ONLY."

Additional Information

Catalog Number SP-610
Packaging Pack of 10 Boxes
Packaging info box/case N/A
Powdered No
Grade No
Main product Color No
Medical No
Packaging info Individual Products No
Material type Latex Free
Manufacturer Wallcur
Color Clear
Country of Manufacture

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